Four Hour Body Day 7 Feb 8 278 5 lbs down. Might have a bit of a plateau here. I guess the recovery from the Binge day is in effect.
February 8, 2011Joel Wissing


4-hour body binge day Sugar high and Crash.  I ended my binge day with low energy and an upset stomach.  Negative enforcement that junk in produces junk out. The Stats: Day 6 Mon. Feb 7  278 lbs  Down 5 from start Day 5 Sun. Feb 6  277 lbs Down 6   BINGE DAY Day ... Read More
February 7, 2011Joel Wissing


4hb 4 hour body day 4 down 4 scallops are good!  I was looking for a way to get the protein and decided on two full portions of fresh bay scallops.  38 grams.... I steamed them so they were med. rare.  Really sweet and tender.  Three large glasses of Ice ... Read More
February 5, 2011Joel Wissing