4hb 4 hour body day 4 down 4 scallops are good!

4hb 4 hour body day 4 down 4 scallops are good!  I was looking for a way to get the protein and decided on two full portions of fresh bay scallops.  38 grams…. I steamed them so they were med. rare.  Really sweet and tender.  Three large glasses of Ice water.

4-hour body lunch

4-hour body lunch with Bay scallops, mixed vegetables, and black beans.

The beans I mixed with pureed spinach, garlic,  tumeric, and fresh garam marsala.  It was quite tasty.

I have to say I have more of a problem with not snacking than with actual blandness of the diet.  I took care of that by using some indian spices and garlic.

I followed the books suggestion and went with frozen mixed vegetables which I purchased from Fresh and Easy.  The quality was quite good and I used a touch of Wine Vinegar and a Sea Salt and herb mix that I picked up at the Jean Talon market in Montreal.

4hr body vinegar and herb salt

4hr body vinegar and herb salt

World market also features a few types of sea salt mixed with spices in a grinder.

Check it out.

Stats from this AM.

Day 4 Sat.  Feb 5 279 lbs.   Down 4.  FANTASTIC!

Day 3 Fri. Feb 4. 281 lbs

Day 2 Thur. Feb 3 282 lbs

Day 1 Wed. Feb 2. 283 lbs

I increased my Garlic intake and started MSM – Chondroiton – Vitamin C to help with new awareness of knee stiffness.

I noticed it doing my

50 air squats * 2 after meals

50 wall push ups * 2 after meals

my knees were cracking and it was a bit uncomfortable.

Started this yesterday.  Will be purchasing CQ tomorrow for delivery.

Tomorrow is BINGE DAY, I will take pictures starting from Lunch.

Monday is Measurement day, I will keep those until the end of 4 weeks and might publish then.


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