4-hour Body Day 9 Oh no, I am plateauing! Diet stalls, what now?

4-hour Body Day 10,  Oh no, I am plateauing!  Diet stalls, what now?

Day 9 Thur. Feb 10  277 lbs.       Day 8 Wed  Feb 9  277 lbs           Day 7  Tues  Feb 8  277  lbs

Day 6 Mon. Feb 7  278 lbs  Down 5 from start

Day 5 Sun. Feb 6  277 lbs Down 6   BINGE DAY

Day 4 Sat.  Feb 5 279 lbs.   Down 4.  FANTASTIC!

Day 3 Fri. Feb 4. 281 lbs

Day 2 Thur. Feb 3 282 lbs

Day 1 Wed. Feb 2. 283 lbs

Maybe I led myself on a bit to think this could be the answer to my unhealthy eating habits and fitting into a better health schedule.  Maybe I fooled myself.  Maybe I had too high a hopes.  Maybe, it would be best to look at what I am doing.

Todays Meals:

Breakfast 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 6 ounces Spinach with splash of red wine Vinegar, Washed Canned Organic black beans (about 1/2) 2 glasses of Ice water, Tea

Cappucino with 1 oz milk and stevia

Lunch, a little later today with 4 oz chicken breast, skinless.  Mixed vegetables, and other half of previous can organic black beans.

2 talbespoons of Salsa.

This is on the food side.

I also started the wall push ups,  and squats twice a day.  Will be headed to the Sauna this evening.

Friday is Measurement day.  I will post after two weeks the results.


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