4 hour body day 7, 5 lbs down happy to be back

Four Hour Body

Day 7  Feb 8 278 5 lbs down.  Might have a bit of a plateau here. I guess the recovery from the Binge day is in effect.  Nice to see that I didn’t return all the way back to 283.  I am headed to the Gym to add in a bit of exercise too.  I called and they have kettle bells.

So I am off and swinging this afternoon.  They have a sauna too, so 20 min of Sauna and a lot of water for me.  Will see how it effects my weight tomorrow.

Will take a shot of the kettle bell.  Break fast was the same, had 5 cloves of soft cooked garlic with a little sea salt on top.

Feeling energetic, glad to know I can have such a nice size lunch.


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