4 hour body adjustments to diet

4 hour body lunch Chicken beans and vegies.

4 hour body lunch Chicken beans and vegies.

Well here are my stats.  I followed the diet to the letter, no cheats.

Day 22 276 lbs  Feb 23  I substituted a meal for two shakes today (one in the AM and one before bed) and focused on smaller portions of beans.  Increased protein and a lot of broccoli.

Day 21 278lbs   Feb 22 my third week completed of beans, veg, and protein 3 times a day. Not impressed with the weight loss.   Normally I would be down 15 lbs over 3 weeks on most diets.

Day 20 Feb 21  279lbs  only two pound gain.

Day 19 Feb 20 277 lbs  Cheat day  started with Croiscants, Bacon, Cappucinos, Eggs, with Rasberies.

4 hour body cheat day

4 hour body cheat day

Lunch with my daughter, food I haven’t eaten in quite a while, we split a 1/2 lb bacon, Avocado, sharp cheddar and mushroom burger with an appetizer platter with wings, potato skins, Fried mozarella, quesadilla, guacamole, and one or two more.  Large Guiness and Harp ale Black and Tan.

Followed by 40 squats and 50 wall push ups.

Dinner was Sushi, Sapporo Beer, Tempura, Sashimi, and Uni.

Day 18 Feb 19  277 lbs            Day 16 Feb 17  278lbs                     Day 15  Feb 16 279lb

Day 14 Feb 15 278 lbs   Dinner had a beautiful steak, Spinach and pinto beans.

Day 13  Feb 14 280 lbs  Eating same pattern, Legumes, Spinach and Protein 3 times a day.

DAy 12 Feb 13  278 lbs  Binge day Sushi, Sashimi, Croiscants, Chocolate

Day 11 Feb 12  277 lbs

Day 10, Feb 11   Oh no, I am plateauing!  Diet stalls, what now?

Day 9 Thur. Feb 10  277 lbs.       Day 8 Wed  Feb 9  277 lbs           Day 7  Tues  Feb 8  277  lbs

Day 6 Mon. Feb 7  278 lbs  Down 5 from start

Day 5 Sun. Feb 6  277 lbs Down 6   BINGE DAY

Day 4 Sat.  Feb 5 279 lbs.   Down 4.  FANTASTIC!

Day 3 Fri. Feb 4. 281 lbs

Day 2 Thur. Feb 3 282 lbs

Day 1 Wed. Feb 2. 283 lbs


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