4 hour Body 4hb the diet begins and Fear of Flatulence.

I picked up the 4 hour Body by Tim Ferris. I love Tim’s life hacks and have done quite a few of them from his 4 hour work week and some of his blog posts.

the-4-hour-body timothy ferris

the-4-hour-body timothy ferris

Fear of Flatulance
I am on day 3 of the Diet and like the results already. Over 2 lbs down. I was a bit hesitant to go onto a slow carb diet because of the volume of legumes consumed on a daily basis. To my pleasant surprise the myth of the musical fruit changed as eating beans did not produce previous results of flatulence.

I found the food at Fresh n Easy convenient for this diet because of the high quality of their frozen spinach, mixed vegtables and sliced mix peppers. The canned organic beans are of pretty high quality. Tim’s suggestion to rinse them before use quells the excess gas. I will include some of the recipes I have been using to jazz up the flavor of the beans.

Looking forward to seeing some results as I have committed to the lifestyle change and start applying some of the hacks. Next week inserting some exercise.

I weigh myself in the mornings after I use the toilet. I usually drink 1 Pint of distilled water before bed.

Day 1 Wed. Feb 2. 283 lbs
Day 2 Thur. Feb 3 282 lbs
DAy 3 Fri. Feb 4. 281 lbs

I am drinking Ice water before, during and after the meal about 3 pints.

Super Bowl Sunday is my Binge day…..wish me luck.

Breakfast 4 egg whites and 1 egg, beans, mixed vegetables with sea salt and wine vinegar(teaspoon)
Water – 1pt
Lunch Lean steak, maybe 6 0z with black beans, spinach
Ice pack on back 2hours.
Late lunch – Black beans and a protein drink
Dinner Chicken 5 oz, pinto beans, mixed peppers – fresh and frozen stir fried.
Ice water.

I had one home made cappuccino after break fast with 1/4 tsp. cinnamon

Will take pictures later. I am drinking as much water as I can remember.

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