Archive: February, 2011


Well here are my stats.  I followed the diet to the letter, no cheats. Day 22 276 lbs  Feb 23  I substituted a meal for two shakes today (one in the AM and one before bed) and focused on smaller portions of beans.  Increased protein and a lot of broccoli. Day 21 ... Read More
February 23, 2011Joel Wissing


The 4 hour body, day 15 finally 276lbs....might have broken through the floor that I have been stuck in for a week. Tonight is Gym and Sauna.
February 17, 2011Joel Wissing


4hb 4 hour body. Day 15 Feb 16 277 lbs Eating Garlic 3 times a day. Notice more of an effect on my digestion than anything else. It is like I have some type of support here. I haven't eaten out side of the diet ... Read More
February 16, 2011Joel Wissing