zmodo – an easy way to increase security and turn away solicitors

Zmodo is a video doorbell that allows you to answer your door no matter where you are.

I find this is great as our neighborhood is plagued with Solar sellers, home cleaning solicitors and 1-2 mystery door knocks a day.

Installation of Zmodo video Doorbell

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Orwellian Rule by autocratic totalitarian people, party or elite group, limitation of choice, repression of speech and repression of minorities, belief in order, routine and rational-morality. Control by enclosure, fear and explicit violence. Violent repression of dissent (via ‘the party line’). Erotic physicality and sexual freedom suppressed via control of sexual impulses. Control of thought by explicitly policing language (Orwellian Newspeak).

Huxleyan Rule by democratic totalitarian systems, excess of choice, limitation of access to speech platforms, assimilation of minorities, belief in emotional-morality, ‘imagination’ and flexibility, and control by desire, debt and implicit threat of violence. No overt control of dissent (system selects for system-friendly voices). Erotic physicality and sexual freedom suppressed via promotion of pornographic sensuality and dissolution. Control of thought by implicitly enclosing language within professional boundaries (Illichian Newspeak, or Uniquack).

Kafkaesque Rule by bureaucracy. Control of populace via putting them into writing, forcing people to spend free time on bureaucratic tasks, thereby inducing tractable stress and the schizoid, self-regulating self-consciousness (anxiety about low marks, unlikes, official judgements and the like) that bureaucratic surveillance engenders. Generation of a system which structurally rewards those who seek an indirect relationship with their fellows or who, through fear of life, seek to control it through the flow of paperwork.

Phildickian Rule by replacing reality with an abstract, ersatz virtual image of it. This technique of social control began with literacy – and the creation of written symbols, which devalued soft conscious sensuous inspiration, fostered a private (reader-text) interaction with society, created the illusion that language is a thing, that meaning can be stored, owned and perfectly duplicated, that elite-language is standard and so on – and ended with virtuality – the conversion of classrooms, offices, prisons, shops and similar social spaces into ‘immersive’ on-line holodecks which control and reward participants through permanent, perfect surveillance, the stimulation of positive and negative emotion, offers of godlike powers, and threats to nonconformists of either narco-withdrawal or banishment to an off-line reality now so degraded by the demands of manufacturing an entire artificial universe, that only hellish production-facilities, shoddy living-units and prisons can materially function there.

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The Dangerous Servant A Discourse on Government G. Edward Griffin

The Dangerous Servant A Discourse on Government G. Edward Griffin

This video, from the author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, reveals his thoughts on the individual, collecitivism, and the roll of government.  His interesting ideas on the Federal Reserve, banking and the constitution, wake the individuals perspective from an unempowered worker/victim to an active supporter of freedom and process.

Enjoy this with a glass of wine and nothing else to do, you will need to take a breath and focus as this about an hour and a half and plays with the conceived idea of the roll of government and money.

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